Covering/bandages must stay on for :
Small tattoo (1-8″) 4-6 hours
Large tattoo (sleeves/back/leg) 12 hours. (Overnight if tattooed late in the day

Using warm water and dove unscented soap wash thoroughly. Remove excess blood and pigment. Pat dry.

On third day of healing start with a small amount of lubriderm lotion. (Only when skin feels dry and itchy)

  • Do not listen to you friends or the internet!!! Less is more
  • Do not pick or scratch the tattoo
  • Do not expose to sunlight for two weeks
  • Do not submerge/swim with a healing tattoo
  • Do not use alcohol Vaseline or polysporin on your fresh tattoo.

Touch ups
Touch ups are free for up to six months.
Adding/changing color or shading that was not original to the tattoo is NOT a touch up. Charges may apply
No touch ups on hands feet or fingers

Hands neck face and finger tattoos
I do not apply these tattoos on anyone that is not heavily covered in tattoos already.

Appointment only!
At hidden door we strive to have the best experience. Therefore a one on one consultation is the best way to start.

Please come prepared with any reference (images you like) a clear explanation of what you want. Preferably printed on paper. No phone computer or iPads please. If you can’t print the image email your ideas before the consult to so that I can be prepared.

If you choose to get tattooed and are ready to book dates a 100 dollar Cash deposit is required. This is non Refundable. This deposit comes off the price of your tattoo. Holds your appointment and pays for the drawing time (what a deal!)

24 hours noticed is required. Anything less or no shows you forfeit your deposit. An additional deposit (cash) will be required to proceed with any future bookings. (The more you cancel or no show the more of a deposit will be taken). Please respect our time.

No price will be given for a tattoo unless in person. (No email no phone quotes)

  • 100 dollar shop minimum
  • 140 hourly (only for large tattoos 10″ and up)
  • Smaller tattoos are priced to size placement and difficulty.


Hidden door studio
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Suite 104
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